Healthy living begins with a healthy relationship with food. A positive food relationship allows a person to fuel her or his mind for optimal living. Consider how Julie Dillon can help you:

  • Have you been dieting as long as you can remember without weight loss success?
  • Are you affected by an eating disorder and trying to recover?
  • Working to become more well-balanced in your food choices?

Let Julie Dillon Consulting work for you! Using her own specialized method of nutrition counseling, Julie Dillon considers the special needs, unique lifestyles and specific health concerns of her clients. She then customizes a comprehensive program that best addresses their eating difficulties. Julie’s clients enjoy a positive, nurturing and goal-focused environment where they find invaluable resources to regain control of their relationship with food and enjoy the benefits of healthy eating.

Find out why people say Julie is Greensboro’s eating disorder nutrition expert.

Contact Julie at 336.273.2808 or jd_the_rd@bellsouth.net