Celebrate Body Positivity with Season 2 My Big Fat Fabulous Life!

Greensboro’s fabulous strong dancing feminist goofball is back! Photo credit: TLC via Twitter@WhitneyWay

It’s not everyday we get to see and listen to someone explore her personal concepts of body acceptance on national TV. Beyond excited to see Season 2 of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life premier Wednesday September 9th at 9 pm.

My hometown hero, Whitney Way Thore will be making us laugh with her goofiness and cry through her vulnerability. My hope: America will watch without assumptions and keep their weight stigma in check. I am excited to see how Whitney, as a large person, experiences life dancing amongst social injustices and diet culture.

In watching, maybe we all will have permission to sit with our vulnerabilities that speak to our body shame. Check it out!

Be sure to check out Whitney’s #NoBodyShame campaign on Twitter and it’s website.

Edited Sunday September 6: Fat shaming is indeed a THING and watching this video makes me even more excited to watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life! Size acceptance promotes health and hope. Check out Whitney’s message here:

One thought on “Celebrate Body Positivity with Season 2 My Big Fat Fabulous Life!

  1. I love this show. It really is fabulous. I think you give hope to many people out there. With age comes many types of illness. Some that may not allow you to be as mobile as you use to be. I myself never weighed over 120, and now I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what kind of a diet I try or how much I push myself to exercise. I never eat past 6 pm, and I try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead of snacking on fatty foods. This is who and how I am take or leave it. I believe people will always have something to say, good or bad. It’s not their business! Just be yourself no matter what anyone thinks. Your a beautiful person and that should be all that matters!

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