The first 3 steps to Food Peace with PCOS

Hello there Cyster! How would you answer these questions?

  • Do you walk past a loaf of bread and feel like your life depends on consuming it NOW?
  • Do you smell brownies baking and feel the magnetic pull toward them?
  • Have you tried EVERYTHING to manage your food cravings yet feel like a failure?

I am here to provide you with a new tool to end the struggle with food cravings. It comes in 3 steps and all are equal in importance for a foundation of food peace and healthy eating.

Drum roll pleeeease!

Step 1

Stop blaming yourself

PCOS has a very complicated physiology that makes every cell in your body yearn to eat certain foods, mostly starches and sweets.

Is it the food’s fault? Nope.

Your fault? Nope.

Practice noticing when your brain messages (or self-talk) are dripping with shoulds. And stop shoulding on yourself.


Step 2

Take all your medications and supplements as prescribed by your health team

Most women with PCOS have super high insulin levels that lead to the intense food cravings. We have found 3 medicines to help with the this: metformin, fish oil, and inositol. Click here to find out more info on these. By calming your insulin levels (and benefiting many other parts to PCOS), you will experience more typical food cravings. This will feel a LOT different and not as chaotic. I might even say the start to food peace. The coolest part: with medication your body will let you know what foods feel energizing and which feel sluggish with much clarity. And you can FINALLY throw away all those diet books. (I say burn ’em!)


Step 3

This may be the toughest one ⇒ Stop pursuing weight loss

And this goes for you.

No. Matter. Your. Size.

When I met with Whitney Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life she was close to 400 pounds and I encouraged her to stop pursuing weight loss too.

If you watched episode 8 of MBFFL, you’ll notice that she didn’t follow my advice. We live in a world where fat bodies are discriminated against and pressured to take up less space. In this episode, by checking her weight and seeing it go up instead of down, Whitney ended up starving then bingeing. Whitney was not experiencing a rare behavior. This is the rule not the exception.

And this is just one of the reasons why I say,

Stop pursuing weight loss if you want to promote health: focusing on weight loss keeps us from eating mindfully because it sets up outside demands. This makes our brain feel like a monkey mind dwelling on judgement, criticism, mistakes, and fears.

Unfortunately, with PCOS starving/dieting promotes inflammation and causes more insulin to be released. And, we know high insulin levels make food cravings. They get worse and most of my clients binge after dieting a short time.

Here’s the kicker: society thinks not dieting means throwing in the towel. Like if a person stops counting calories or points they are letting themselves go.


This is a black and white/all or nothing belief. It is not neglectful. It’s not letting yourself go, it’s letting yourself be. Moving away from dieting allows my clients to experience more variety of foods and less bingeing. Insulin levels go down and self esteem goes up. Energy levels expand and blood pressure slows. Stepping away from the scale as a marker of progress will actually clear a path toward health. And peace.

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