Clinical Supervision for RDNs

  • Looking to fine tweak your nutrition counseling skills?
  • Interested in working within the disordered eating continuum but AAAAAHHHHHH nervous and overwhelmed by the thought of it
  • Need a Road Map for the journey to the CEDRD (Eating Disorder Specialist) credential?
  • Want to be sure you are helping instead of harming?

Help is here.

Julie wants to empower you to stretch out of your nutrition comfort zone and find new ways to help your clients.

What is clinical supervision?

This is a relationship process intending to help you be more effective and efficient with your clients. The sessions typically include case discussion including how you experience your client sessions, confidence level, and where you feel stuck. Supervision, a requirement among counselors and other helping professionals, can allow dietitians to improve their client presence. The changes will show through to your clients because they will get more out of sessions and keep coming back.

What does supervision look like?

Fostering and encouraging growth, supervision is an ongoing and regular meeting system. As an experienced eating disorder clinician trained as a mental health counselor, Julie will guide you through skills training and consult with you on your individual cases.

Continuing education credit may be available based on your learning needs.

Individual Supervision Meeting Details

  • Meeting monthly or weekly, sessions are $125 per 50 minute session.
  • As needed supervision sessions are also an option.
  • Meetings are virtually over a HIPAA compliant encrypted platform utilizing video or audio.
  • In person meetings are available on a limited basis.

Group Supervision Meeting Details

  • coming soon!